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Director: Noreen Kershaw

Producer: LA Productions

Executive Producer: Colin McKeown, Donna Molloy (LA Productions), Adam Barth, Nicola Söderlund (Eccho Rights)

Writer: Sarah Deane

Cast: Leanne Best, Anna Chancellor, Hayley Mills

Genres: Drama

4 x 60 min

After surviving a fatal train crash, paramedic Jenny Challoner appears to be coping on the outside but, in private, she’s suffering severe PTSD. To escape her pain, Jenny’s developed a crippling gambling addiction and accrued a mountain of debt.

When her husband finds out, Jenny stands to lose everything. Hope arrives in the shape of Sasha Santoro, a good Samaritan who helps Jenny through a public panic attack. As the two women bond, Sasha offers Jenny a solution to her money problems. Can Sasha be trusted? Or is Jenny about to lose the biggest gamble of her life?

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