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Director: Seung-Woo Son

Producer: EBS

Executive Producer: Hoon-Suk Kim

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: All audiences


Why do males are more outstanding in their physical appearance? Why are females so picky in choosing their mates? Why do we do things that have nothing to do with our survival? We search for the answers by delving into the lives of plants, insects, fish, mammals, birds, and primates of the world. The true winner of the battlefield of evolution is not the ones that survive, but the ones that succeed in mating. We have evolved into both surviving machines and mating machines.

Part. 1, Males: If he fails to mate, his genes will disappear. These males that cannot give birth to offspring must do their best to be chosen by females and battle.
Part 2, Females: Looks into the birth of females that hold the steering wheel of evolution and the secret behind it.

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