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Director: Eefje Suijkerbuijk

Producer: VPRO

Genres: Entertainment, Factual, Format, Reality

1-month interactive project

Half of the people have a uterus, yet most know little about the associated hormone cycle. Isn’t that weird? The Cycle Club is an interactive project that explores the wonderful world of the cycle live, via Telegram, and does not shy away from taboo.

In the closed environment of their smartphone, participants received daily videos, audio messages or infographics that match the moment they are in their cycle. In the Netherlands, the The Cycle Club played live on 28 Telegram channels for 28 days, the duration of an average cycle. Participants could join the channel corresponding to the day in their own cycle. Together with experts by experience, gynecologists and other hormone experts, four Dutch influencers examined all kinds of hormonal issues: everything you had hoped the biology teacher would have thought about a little longer.

They could discuss this with each other and exchange experiences. Why don't we talk more openly about menstruating? What is the relationship between sex and hormones? When is the best time to shine in your cycle? And what does menstruating feel like if you do have a uterus but are not a woman? The Monthly Alliance squad figured it all out.

The goal of this hormone safari: normalize the cycle, open the conversation and learn more about how hormones work on the body. Whether you're on the pill, using a different form of birth control, having a natural cycle, or no cycle at all.

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