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Producer: Canvas, VRT

Genres: Documentary, Factual

3 x 45/50 minutes

In this 3 part documentary series, we investigate an inconvenient truth about a global race to stop the use of chemical weapons and hold perpetrators accountable. Throughout the Syrian conflict, hundreds of chemical attacks have been counted. Killing thousands and inflicting terrible injuries on survivors, such attacks are prohibited by international law. Civilian populations in places like Ghouta and Aleppo are heavily scarred by the effects of chemical warfare. Yet, to date not a single perpetrator has been convicted. Plenty of evidence has been collected, by the most experienced international scientists and institutions. Still one question remains: will justice ever be served, or do perpetrators get away with their war crimes?

Victims and eye witnesses tell their personal stories and we also talked to international investigators, top scientists, diplomats and experts closely involved in the most notable cases. Some talk for the very first time and offer an insight behind the political and scientific scenes.

Some of the experts interviewed:
Åke Sellström: Chemist, lead UN investigator
Sigrid Kaag: Head OPCW-UN Joint Mission
Edmond Mulet Head: OPCW/UN Joint-investigative Mechanism
Stefan Mogl: Chemist, Head of Investigation JIM
Catherine Marchi-Uhel: Judge, Head UN IIIM Geneva
Dominique Anelli: OPCW chemical demilitarization
Ben Rhodes: Deputy National Security under Obama
Carla del Ponte: Chief Prosecutor and former member of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria
Raed Saleh: Syrian Civil Defence director

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