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Director: Elsbeth Fraanje

Producer: Tangerine Tree, BNNVARA

Executive Producer: Mascha Arkink

Writer: Elsbeth Fraanje

Genres: Documentary

55 minutes

Evelien, spastic from birth and with merely disappointing sexual experiences in her pocket, is taking the first steps on her quest for intimacy. During this personal journey, she discovers new parts of herself and her body, and she gradually opens up to the needs and desires she has been suppressing all her life. Evelien’s burgeoning curiosity and fervour clash with a deep-rooted low self-esteem. Still, she confronts herself and considers a meeting with a sex carer. “Is it true that sex makes you more complete?”, she wonders. Sexual Healing is a film about the necessity of intimate, human contact for every human being and how complex it can be to realise this if having sex is not evident.

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