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Director: Esmée van Loon

Producer: Tangerine Tree, HUMAN

Executive Producer: Koosje de Pooter

Writer: Esmée van Loon

Genres: Documentary

59 minutes

Mama tells the story of a self-chosen family from Rotterdam. At the head of the family are mother and drag queen Ma'MaQueen. Together with her three cats, she forms a safe haven for her six drag children.

Not everyone in the household can count on understanding from their biological family and they all struggle with personal problems; Being rejected by their family, having a negative self-image, or not feeling seen. The turbulent search for identity and acceptance within a society that screams that you do not belong is not all sunshine and roses. Drag makes them forget all of this
and, for a brief moment, the shortcomings in their daily lives vanish into thin air.

The sometimes harsh reality and fantasy overlap on a daily basis, but under the wings of Mama, they feel safe and seen. In each other, they find support, security, and a home in which fantasy becomes reality. Above all else, they want to celebrate each other.

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