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Director: Jesper Buijvoets, Aagje van Meerwijk

Producer: Sensu

Genres: Documentary, Factual


The solo expedition of adventurer Paul Rosolie into the Amazon Rainforest teaches him how to reconnect with the last remaining wilderness on earth. The film Dark Green is made up of two parts. In part one – Alone in the Amazon (32’) – adventurer, biologist and storyteller Paul Rosolie takes a deep dive into the Peruvian jungle. He travels alone, in search of the last remaining wilderness on Earth. It is a journey into the heart of the jungle, but equally an investigation into the relationship between modern humans and nature.

Part two – The Conservation Story (20’) – teaches us more about the area. What’s so unique about this region of Peru, a province so rich in natural beauty that it bears the name Mother of God? What dangers threaten it? And what efforts is Paul taking for its protection?

Rosolie refers to his solo-expeditions as a ‘calibration of the concept of nature’: ‘At the very moment we start to lose species from an ecosystem, people will adapt to this new situation.’ Rosolie needs to surrender himself to the untouched wilderness. Not only to recharge, but even more so to reconnect and bring back his love for the wild to the world.

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