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Director: Sia Hermanides, Alieke van Saarloos (S1), Janice Pierre, Beer ten Kate (S2)

Producer: BosBros, Phanta Vision, AVROTROS

Executive Producer: Chris Jorna

Writer: Tamara Bos, Lotte Tabbers, Anne Barnhoorn

Cast: Imanuelle Grives, Ellen Parren, Hajo Bruins, Ruben van der Meer, George Tobal, David Lucieer, Hassan Slaby, Guido Pollemans

Genres: Drama

2 x 8 x 50’

Daddy's Day is a tragicomic series about six totally different men and their struggles with modern parenthood. Every Thursday, they gather around the sandbox in the park to boost each other’s morale.

Despite their large differences, the men develop a friendship and support each other in their hectic, modern lives. The series humorously addresses topical themes involved in modern parenthood; the stressful combination of work and family and the joy and misery after the arrival of children in a relationship. How do you keep getting along, despite everything?

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