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Director: Marieke van der Velden, Philip Brink

Producer: BNNVARA

Genres: Documentary, Factual

9x5’ and 1x10’

What do you tell your child when you are fleeing war and violence together? In a series of short films, Children of the Labyrinth presents the letters that refugee parents in Greece have written to their child. Reading aloud, they emotionally recount about their fearful journey, feelings of helplessness to be caught up in the labyrinth of the European asylum policy, and about the love for their child. The letters offer a deep human insight of the lived experiences of the world’s more than 100 million people who have uprooted their families for fear of war, violence or persecution. In a very intimate way, these parents reveal who they are – motivated by the most commonly held, universal wish: that of a better future for one’s child.

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