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Director: Yannick Savard

Producer: Anne Boyer, Stéphane Jacques, Marie-Ève Bergeron

Executive Producer: Anne Boyer, Michel d’Astous

Writer: Dominick Pareanteau-Lebeuf

Cast: Marianne Fortier, Nicolas Fontaine, Chanel Mings, Kevin Ranély, Laetitia Isambert, Élise Guilbaul, Marc Béland

Genres: Drama

Demographics: Adults 25-54, Teen

24 X 45 minutes

Five young adults are born in the same hospital almost at the same time. This odd coincidence will be revealed when the five of them are stuck in an elevator breakdown. Behind this funny discovery hides a drama involving Camille, one of the five main protagonists. Haunted by a sort of malaise during her whole life, Camille will unveil a family secret: her parents abandoned at birth her twin brother suffering from Down’s syndrome.

Throughout their struggles and happy moments, the five young adults will become friends and allies in Camille’s quest to find the truth and her brother. THEM is the light-hearted story of five young adults in their mid-twenties facing the tragic events of life and how these events shape their personalities.