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Director: François Bouvier

Producer: Anne Boyer, Michel d’Astous, Stéphane Jacques, Marie-Ève Bergeron

Executive Producer: Anne Boyer, Michel d’Astous

Writer: Anne Boyer, Michel d’Astous

Cast: Chantal Fontaine, Marilyn Castonguay, Steve Gagnon, Rachel Graton

Genres: Drama

Demographics: Adults 25-54, Teen

6 x 45 minutes

After months in prison where she was diagnosed as bipolar, Chantal is released and will attempt to rebuild bridges with her family that she has neglected for so many years. The task is particularly difficult with her eldest daughter Valérie who rejects her vigorously.

Valérie has way more in common with her mother than she would like, and their paths will cross in their own vulnerability when Valerie’s downfall will be saved by Chantal’s surprising and uneven rehabilitation. The series addresses with hope and compassion the consequences of mental health issues in family dynamics and touches universal topics related to mental health such as criminality and substance abuse.