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Director: Louis Choquette

Producer: Duo Productions

Executive Producer: Michel D’astous and Anne Boyer

Writer: François Pagé

Cast: Karine Vanasse, David Boutin, Madeleine Péloquin, Anglesh Major, Kathleen Fortin, Martin-David Peters, Alexa-Jeanne Dubé, Marc Béland, Alexandre Goyette, Henri Chassé and Gaston Lepage

After (original title: 'Après')

Duo Productions
1hr per episode

After recounts the aftermath of a tragic event that hit hard the villagers of small town in the north countryside of Canada. Our story begins within seconds of the fatal event and depicts the physical, psychological and social consequences of this tragedy that no one could have avoided. Nothing will ever be the same in this quiet village. Everyone now has to face fear, mourning, incomprehension. We follow the victims, the survivors and the rest of the community in their first year following this event as they try to overcome the trauma caused by a shooting. We witness their path to healing.

After is a human, social and collective drama where personal journeys are marked by suffering, but also by courage, resilience and hope. Each character will react in their own way. Some will prove to be positive and tenacious leaders, some will collapse and shut down, others will want to flee and restart their lives elsewhere.

After presents us with a whole gallery of endearing and strong characters to whom we can identify.

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