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Producer: Capa Films

Genres: Factual

Demographics: Adults 25-54

1 x 90

It is one of the Western World’s most powerful myths. The story of how the American West was won. By great heroes. By white men. The Black West tells the flip side of that myth. In 1875, one in four American cowboys was Black.

The Wild West had a good share of Black sheriffs, Black trappers and Black soldiers. Some were adopted by Native American tribes. Others became their slaves. African-Americans wound their way through the history of the West like stowaways. These anonymous heroes were the inspiration for many great Westerns, and yet Hollywood has erased them from the silver screen.

Pieced together from archives, carefully crafted yet minimalistic re-enactments, and first-hand historical accounts, The Black West restores these invisible heroes to their rightful place in history. Digging behind the myth to tell the real story of the American West.

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