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Who Lives Where

6 x 30’

Our homes say a lot more than we think about who we are:

In WHO LIVES WHERE, two marketing and advertising experts visit three different homes and share their specialised comments and reflections on what they see… The host will ask the experts specific questions while they observe and dissect what they see around them: what perfume the owners wear, furniture choices and the art on the walls… everything can help the experts identify the sort of people that live in a home.

Afterwards they will both receive some information about the families: names, ages, professions and a photo of each one of the six people and children who live in these houses.

Their job is to guess WHO LIVES WHERE. The experts stand by a magnetic board and have to match the pictures of the homes with the photos of the people. The three families stand beside them whilst the experts are guessing.

They earn a point for each correct person and whoever gets the most points is the winner of each episode.

The results are often surprisingly accurate. After all, your home is ultimately an extension of who you are.

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