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The Tiger Mum

5 x 60’

As educational methods evolve and we become aware of global differences, we often hear that the results of children from the Far East tend to surpass those of their western counterparts. Research reports, press articles and best-selling books debate the pros and cons of strict, traditional Eastern discipline versus more modern and lenient Western ways.

This new format road tests parenting techniques based on the Tiger Mum methods of a more structured educational routine, led by discipline and encouragement. An ordinary family is committed to help their children improve their learning potential with the help of an education coach, or Tiger Mum, who claims she knows how to create winners.

This formatted series questions whether two ordinary children can improve their performance at school in just one month by following a new educational regime based on discipline and hard work. The regime doesn’t stop at the end of the school day, but carries on at home while they do homework and even during leisure activities. By testing the children before the experiment begins and again after one month of Tiger-Mum led hard work, we can determine whether these new parenting techniques work. If successful, these methods could help not only improve these children’s school grades but also, in the long run, create a better future.

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