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Shows: Slow TV
Companies: DRG, NRK, NRK2/NRK1
Slow TV

Norwegian public broadcaster NRK started the Slow revolution four years ago, by simply covering a complete seven hour train ride… in real time. It was a bold move from a public broadcaster, a clever stunt that baffled the viewers as much as the local press. It didn’t take long for the magic of the experience to fascinate the audience, who couldn’t stop watching, tweeting and sharing the moment. It was weird, it was wonderful and it was shared by the whole country and the international press.

Following the 2009 train ride, the country experienced a record breaking 134 hour, non-stop transmission in 2011, which followed a ship’s journey along the Norwegian coast. During those five days, NRK2 (which usually has a market share of 5%) gained a whopping 36% market share on average. Slow TV’s roaring success has been proved by
the 18 hour salmon fishing spectacular that was an instant hit a few months later, followed by 12 hours of wood burning, in praise of the country’s passion for wood, in February 2013.

This primetime TV phenomenon continued in the Summer of 2013 with a seven-week live journey across Norway – followed by 24 hours of knitting in the Autumn. It would seem that audiences really can’t wait to slow down.

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