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Singing with Legends (我们的歌)

Dragon TV

It is a new intergenerational singing competition show produced by Dragon TV. It was ranked No.1 on all weekend prime time slots and has generated more than 1 billion discussions on the internet. It is a phenomenal show of the year. Singing with Legends is a cross-generation singing competition show. We will invite eight senior singers plus eight young singers to the program and form them into eight pairs randomly. Each pair will have one renowned singer and one new singer. Together they will have to compete in multiple rounds, for example, group stages and knockout stages. In pairs, they will have to challenge themselves while bringing the best performance to the audiences. Each season lasts 12 episodes. In the first six episodes, 16 singers are divided into two teams. Team A and Team B will go on Qualifiers after team selection. Start from Episode 7, Team A and Team B will reshuffle and fight each other in Top Half and Bottom Half. There will be only five pairs entering Episode 9. The winning pair will be selected in the final episode based on audience voting and accumulated score.

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