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Dragon TV


Dragon TV

Company overview

Since been launched, with its high-quality news, dramas and variety shows, Dragon TV holds a place among China's top satellite TV group without a doubt. Dragon TV is not only a content platform operator with an international perspective, but also a production institution which produces top-quality TV news and other contents.

Dragon TV holds such a philosophy in operation: news lays the foundation, TV series increases strength, entertainment drives growth". After years of hard-working, it has become screen to showcase the image of Shanghai, as well as the most contemporary and close to reality satellite TV platform among the satellite TVs in China. At present, Dragon TV's service covers more than 1.2 billion people and has been rated as the "Most Influential Provincial Satellite TV" by industry authorities. Dragon TV broadcasts 24 hours a day, and its content covers the genre of news, film and television dramas, variety shows, and lifestyle and public service programs.

Dragon TV presents the best part of the content produced by SMG (Shanghai Media Group Co. Ltd.). The News Center of SMG makes its news, and the Film and Television Drama Center of SMG provides TV series. Other SMG elite teams and its in-house teams offer the rest of the contents.


Address: No.298 Weihai Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, China
Contact: Vincent Sun, Manager of iFORMATS & Shanghai Hey U Media Co., Ltd.
Email: [email protected]

Vincent Sun Manager
iFORMATS & Shanghai Hey U Media Co., Ltd.

Programming Profile

Dragon TV strikes deals with France and Germany on its original format Singing with Legends


Dragon TV announced recently that they have signed format licensing deals with Herve Hubert SAS and Sony Pictures Film & Fernseh Produktions GmbH respectively at the end of 2020. The French version and the Deutsch version of Singing with Legends, Dragon Deutsch TV’s latest original Chinese format, are expected to be produced and make their debut in Germany and France in 2021. Recently, we have discovered that some production companies in Europe are suspected of plagiarizing the format of “Singing with Legends”. We reserve the right to take appropriate legal action to protect our right.


With buyer interest in the format rights coming from Japan, Italy, France and the Nordic region, we catch up with Wang Leiqing, VP of SMG and supervisor of Dragon TV, and Chen Hong, general director of Singing With Legends, to hear more about the show.


How was the Singing With Legends format developed?
In 2006, there was a very successful song released in China, called A Thousand Miles Away. It became super-popular and was known by everyone. One of the singers, Fei Yu-Ching, is an evergreen in the singing world and the other, Jay Chou, is a popular new-generation singer. Their singing styles both bear the hallmarks of their eras, but in this song two completely different singing styles fused harmoniously.


We believe this phenomenon is not just the recognition of good work by everyone but also reflects that musical value is held by the different generations’ musicians in the Chinese pop music world. The industry has no shortage of good Chinese pop music or excellent musicians, but it does lack bridges and platforms to let two generations of musicians work together. So, we tried to build this kind of bridge, to revisit some classic hit songs and let people know their real value.



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Virginia Mouseler
(CEO, The Wit)
The duet singing competition, hugely popular in Asia, is an underdeveloped type of talent show in western territories… CEO
The Wit

Anthony Meunier
(COO, Hervé Hubert SAS)
This singing talent contest is probably one of the best innovative shows on this MIPCOM 2020…

Hervé Hubert SAS

Sandrine Roustan
(TV&OTT format expert)
Singing with Legends on Dragon TV primetime show is totally in phase with the new TV creativity in China…

TV&OTT format expert

Ryuji Komiya
(Head of formats at Fuji Television)
I think, the format of Singing with legends can be easily adapted in any country…

Head of formats at Fuji Television