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The Money Pump

45 min

"The Money Pump" is an innovative prime-time game show featuring two contestants fighting together against "The Money Pump" - over 1,000,000 shekels - by solving eight trivia questions. The contestants are playing as a couple - but they each have to answer separately.

The contestants have a constant dilemma: while they think of the answer, the pump starts pumping out the prize money: the sooner they answer, the sooner "The Money Pump" stops pumping. If they both answer correctly they move on, if they are both wrong they are eliminated. But if one is correct and the other is wrong, the pump increases its pumping speed, from 1 to 2, 2 to 3, etc. The next mistake will cause elimination.

They have two lifelines; "Discussion" – which allows them to discuss the question with each other and "Escape" – a unique lifeline, allowing one of the contestants to escape his question and leave the other one to answer both, thus increasing the tension between them. "Escape" can be a vital lifeline when the contestants are in pumping speed 3.

"The Money Pump" is also a game of strategy. Before every question the contestants must choose between three subjects. But in "The Money Pump" the two subjects that weren't chosen become two of the subjects of the next question, along with a fresh one, so the contestants again choose the subject out of three. With this special feature, the contestants can form a game plan: for example – choosing the more difficult subjects for the first questions, while keeping the subjects they are more knowledgeable on for the final questions.

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