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The Five Diaries

A young woman in recovery finds out everything she knows about herself is a lie. Guided by five old dairies, she's forced to face the truth about where she came from.

Emma Cooper has moved back into her old family home. She figures living with her father is better than another stint in rehab. Her dad Karl is not pleased to have her back. Emma has been nothing but a burden since her mother died unexpectedly when she was a toddler. And that is a story that Karl refuses to open up about. But then the dairies arrive in the post - an unwelcome time capsule for Karl. Emma knows the truth about her mother is hidden somewhere in those pages. And as she secretly digs deeper, she starts to realise that Karl is not who he says he is.

Pitchee: Kathleen Anderson, Producer, Rialto Distribution NZ and Phil Gregory, Writer, Rialto Distribution NZ

Phil Gregory is a New Zealand writer/artist. He has worked on a number of award winning International television series and feature films. He recently wrote the award winning short film, SPIKE, and has a feature film in development.
Kathleen Anderson is a producer with a background in commissioning and television finance. Over the past twenty years she has been the executive producer of many of New Zealand's most celebrated drama series, including One Lane Bridge, The Bad Seed, Fresh Eggs and Baby Mamas Club.

Project Information:

Producer: Kelly Rogers (Executive producer) and Kathleen Anderson (Producer)
Partners: Rialto NZ
Development stage: Active Development
Shooting location: Auckland, New Zealand / South London
Languages: English
Total budget: $10 000 000 NZD (£5,213,000)
Budget per episode: $1 700 000 NZD
Financing already in place: Rialto $500 000 (5%), NZSPG $2 400 000 (24%)

Looking for: A UK co-production partner and distribution finance

Company profile: Rialto Distribution NZ is a vertically integrated media company that has been entertaining audiences for close to thirty years. The Rialto brand has gained a global reputation that is synonymous with diverse and quality cinematic product.

Contact: Kelly Rogers (Executive Producer, Rialto Distribution)
Email: [email protected]

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