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Sex is sexy - when it's good. Moneyshot is a topical comedy about making feminist porn.

Sari, 42, has been a porn actress for most of her adult life. However, she’s become too old and worn for the job and gets the boot. At the unemployment office penniless Sari meets Linnea, 25, who dreams of becoming a film director. Together the women start producing and directing feminist porn. In their quest to find the essence of the female gaze, Sari and Linnea happily smash taboos as well as glass ceilings.

Money Shot is a story about the friendship of two women of different generations, and about their individual quests to find pleasure and the meaning of it.

Pitchee: Jemina Jokisalo, head of drama, Solar Republic and Johanna Tarvainen, producer, Solar Republic

Jemina Jokisalo is a distinguished screenwriter with over 10 years of professional experience. Her latest drama series Pillowtalk was nominated for C21 Drama Award from over 500 entries. Jokisalo works as Head of Drama at Solar Republic. In her work she creates original tv-series and films that stand out from the crowd. Her fortes include creating complex, captivating female leads.

Producer Johanna Tarvainen has extensive background in film and has worked in several positions over 15 years. Her latest works include youth rap series Savela for the Finnish broadcasting company YLE. Her films have premiered in CHP:DOX 2020 and Brussels at BIFFF 2021. She was a line producer in short film The Ceiling that won the second prize in Cannes short film Competition in 2017. Johanna has an MA in film and TV production from Aalto University and is a Berlinale Talents alumnus.

Project Information:

Director: Teemu Niukkanen
Producers: Johanna Tarvainen and Samuli Norhomaa
Partners: Elisa Viihde
Development stage: In development
Planned shooting start: September 2023
Shooting location: Finland
Languages: Finnish
Total budget: €1 300 000
Budget per episode: €163 000
Financing already in place: €1 040 000 (80%)

Looking for: Additional funding (e.g. private equity funding)

Company profile: Solar Republic is one of the biggest independent production companies in Finland. Our aim is to produce the most interesting shows Finland has to offer to the the international market.

Contact: Jemina Jokisalo (Head of Drama, Solar Republic Oy)
Email: [email protected]