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What if ‘the one’ is the one who could destroy you?

The depths of winter, rural Finland. Someone is gasping for breath, drowning in a hole in the ice. Seemingly doomed in the glacial water, will they make it out alive?

One beautiful spring day, a woman meets a man and falls head over heels in love. At first, it looks like the love story of the century. We see the relationship blossom; they hang on every word the other says, summer dinners with friends and family that last until sunrise, romantic trips to exotic places – every destination more beautiful, more enchanting, more seductive. Everything seems possible, until one day cracks on the surface begin to appear. Slowly nothing seems to work and all the love we witnessed in the beginning disappears along with respect and empathy. It starts with glances, loaded ones - looks that speak louder than words. And then short, degrading comments - barbed words designed to hurt. The walls start to close in around them and the once bright open world their love promised narrows down into a dead end, with no way to escape. All the beauty and hope we saw in the beginning is replaced by a dark void created by jealousy and cruelty leading to all love and self belief being lost. All this is witnessed by the woman's teenage son. And then the woman gets pregnant. The man controls his family with unpredictable bursts of rage, even in public. As on-lookers, we are haunted by one question – why doesn’t the woman just leave?

Pitchee: Marika Makaroff, CCO and founder, Gutsy Animations

Marika Makaroff is an award-winning content creator, producer and creative director hailing from Finland. In 2016, Makaroff founded joint Finnish/UK production house Gutsy Animations, believing the world needs kind, clever, meaningful and gutsy content. She is also the Creative director and Executive producer for the company’s Emmy Award-nominated and internationally renowned series Moominvalley.

Project Information:

Director: Aleksi Salmenperä
Producer: Kristina Rytkölä
Partners: Broadcaster: MTV Oy
Development stage: In development
Planned shooting start: September 2023
Shooting location: Mainly the capital area (Finland), possibly another European location
Languages: Finnish
Total budget: €2 800 000
Budget per episode: €450 000
Financing already in place: In progress

Looking for: Co-producers

Company profile: Gutsy Animations believe that the world is in need of kind, clever, meaningful, and gutsy content for global audiences.

Gutsy Animations Ltd. was founded in 2016. The Finnish award-winning content creator and director, Marika Makaroff, is the co-founder and the Chief Creative Officer of the company. The company’s first investment round was made in autumn 2020 and the second round in spring 2021.

The diverse and multicultural creative teams behind the gutsy content are based in Helsinki, Finland and Bristol, UK. The globally targeted projects are selected based on the company’s values – trust, equality, peace, life affirmation and respect for nature.

Gutsy Animations’ Annie® Award and Emmy® award nominated flagship project “Moominvalley” has been sold to over 60 countries, and the fourth season of the series was announced in the beginning of 2023. In 2020 Gutsy Animations announced the broadening of its slate into non-kids scripted live action and brand new 2D animated kids’ series – both with a strong emphasis on nature and bold female characters as the core Gutsy ethos.

Contact: Alisha Hasan (Marketing manager, Gutsy Animations)
Email: [email protected]