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Director: Peter Salmon

Producer: KOHA Productions

Executive Producer: Harry McNaughton

Writer: Harry McNaughton, Natalie Medlock

Cast: Irene Wood, Ian Mune, Bronwyn Bradley, Kirk Torrance, Timmie Cameron

Genres: Drama

6 x 30’

Betty Simpkins is a formidable seventy-something. She’s witty, sharp as a tack, and a pillar of strength for her family – but she’s also hiding a secret. Betty’s got advanced Alzheimer’s.

As Betty comes to terms with her diagnosis, she realises she wants to end her life on her terms, before she forgets her family, her own name, and even how to swallow. It’s devastating news for her family – her doting husband Frank, her delightful trainwreck of a daughter Isla, her overachieving adopted son Aaron, and her savagely funny granddaughter Alice.

The rest of the family are dealing with significant life events of their own – affairs, pregnancies, breakdowns – which Betty’s decision forces them to confront. But even though they may struggle, or even fundamentally disagree with her choice, they can agree (eventually) that it’s her right to choose. After all, she’s terminally ill, and declining rapidly.

But the real storm is yet to hit. Because Frank, who’s ailing but in no way dying, is about to decide that he can’t live without the love of his life…

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