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Director: Geoffrey Wright, Daina Reid, James Napier Robertson

Producer: Roadshow Rough Diamond, John Edwards, Dan Edwards

Executive Producer: Nick Forward, Rob Gibson, Chris Chard, Geoffrey Wright, Daniel Scharf, Ian Pringle

Writer: Geoffrey Wright, James Napier Robertson, Malcolm Knox, Omar Musa

Cast: David Wenham, Jacqueline McKenzie, Lachy Hulme, Sohie Lowe, Toby Wallace, Nicole Chamoun, Lily Sullivan, Markella Kavenagh

Genres: Drama

6 x 60’

Leaping forward from the original 1992 film we are thrown into a fast-moving world of political tribes and extremes, told from multiple points of view, offering a thrilling ride, an examination of identity and asking the question – is blood destiny?

A city’s racial peace stands on the brink. A new generation of white supremacists, Patriot Blue, exploit middle-class fears, their rise countered by the technologically advanced and globally connected forces of the hard-left anti-fascist movement. Between them, immigrant communities are torn between anger and confusion about their place in this world, between retaliating and keeping their heads down.

Into this tinderbox falls a struck match: Kane, a 22-year-old who arrives in the city with a secret plan and a hidden history.

Kane comes to the rescue of Blake, the leader of Patriot Blue, when an anti-fascist group ambushes a protest at a Muslim food festival. Kane takes advantage of Blake’s gratitude and so begins his infiltration of the group, and his life, causing immediate divisions among Patriot Blue cadre. Kane turns out to be smarter than all of his new friends and quickly rises to a position of de facto leadership.

Caught up in the conflict are three young Muslim characters, Farid, a nurse at an aged care facility studying at university, his girlfriend Laila, a student who will be appropriated as a media star of the left by the antifascist group, and Malik, Farid’s brother and a talented MMA fighter. The revolutionary zeal of the antifascist movement is embodied in the ruthless Petra, her boyfriend Danny, and the ideological ringmaster McKew.

As the conflict grows between these groups, now powerful and politically connected figures from the past emerge to pull the strings. The series becomes a surprising political thriller.

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