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Director: Sabine Ravn

Producer: Mette Valbjørn Skøtt

Executive Producer: Sarita Christensen

Genres: Animation, Kids

Demographics: Children

52 x 11’

Rhubarian is a 12-year-old girl who dreams of more in life than your average barbarian. She just moved to Weinlos with her parents and is finding out quickly that her traditional barbaric behavior isn’t cool in the big city. Weinlos isn’t exactly ordinary, either. It’s a mystic mish mash filled with trolls, elves, wizards and other fantasy creatures that are organised by a social hierarchy where Barbarians are close to the bottom of the pyramid. Times are changing and the barbarian way of life is no longer relevant or profitable, which is why her dad got a job as an accountant in a huge consultancy firm in the city.

Rhubarian wants to fit in and make friends, but it’s not easy when your best friend/main
means of transportation is an oversized talking mountain goat who isn’t exactly willing to adapt. Like many young immigrants, Rhubarian is caught between two worlds: Her old way of life and her new one, neither of which quite fit. She wants to blend into her new community, which means conforming to Weinlos’ cultural norms and social order. But, at the same time Rhubarian can’t help but do things her own way, which has a clear barbarian influence. You know, sometimes a girl just feels the need to bash some rocks and stuff!

Rhubarian finds her tribe, a group of kids who, like her, don’t subscribe to the traditional Weinlos way of life. Eira is a dark elf who is afraid of the dark, Sal is a reptile boy who dreams of becoming a great wizard, Bulia is a clueless half troll half fairy and Skel is a self-conscious prophet. We follow Rhubarian as she learns to find a balance in here new life with the help of her new friends.