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Company overview

Building human resources as cultural professionals who can most efficiently discover, plan, produce, and invest in cultural contents such as movies, dramas, and performances. It is based in Hallyu-centered Seoul and Asia-based Gwangju Metropolitan City. By producing global contents based on Southeast Asia such as Japan, China, and Thailand, we are growing into a cultural content platform with the highest box office performance and quality of work. Active investment in high-quality cultural content. By connecting diverse cultures, people, contents, and investors, and integrating diverse information, we present mid- to long-term visions and jointly develop/research to create opportunities for win win win. Based on our accumulated experience, we will continue to invest strategically in profit-generating strategies and long-term development contents. Global Cultural Marketing and Its Foundation as a Market Leader We will establish ourselves as a leader in the global market by predicting, planning, producing, and supplying various contents suitable for Hallyu-oriented culture marketing.

Company contact

Address: No. 503 Songam-ro 60 in Nam-gu
Gwangju Metropolitan City
Phone: +82 (0)62 652 6564
E-mail: [email protected]

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