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Director: Éric Blouin

Producer: Lenny Jo Goudreau

Executive Producer: Lenny Jo Goudreau

Writer: Éric Blouin

Cast: José Gaudet, Gildor Roy

Genres: Documentary, Factual, Format

Demographics: 15+

10x 30’

This lively factual travel and cultural show unleashes two celebrities to roam the streets and highways of Cuba in search of their dream cars. Their quest often strays away from their original goals, but the adventures they dive into are richer than anything they could have planned.

The endearing personalities they meet are as flashy as the cars they seek, capturing the hearts of audiences. Each of these jewels have a rich history to dive in.

The series brings Cuba’s creative ingenuity and colorful history to life. The glory days of classic cars is brought back to life with events such as the infamous kidnapping of Fangio by Fidel Castro or a Ford model T that only runs backwards!

Available in format and ready to air, their shared passion makes audiences want to hop in the backseat and take these automobile treasures for a spin.

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