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Director: Francis Leclerc

Producer: Joanne Forgues, Catherine Faucher, Productions Casablanca

Writer: Julie Roussel, Anthony Ferro

Cast: Guylaine Tremblay; Josée Deschênes

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Format

Demographics: 15+

6 x 60’

This dramedy features Murielle and Louise, best friends since the beginning of time. Needing a radical change, Louise leaves everything behind to dispose of her late- husband’s ashes on a Winnebago road trip. She drags along Murielle, who is as logic- bound as she is career-minded. On the road, they will need all their resources to stay on the right path. How far will these two friends go, one, going on empty, the other, full of life?

Addressing the universal themes of grief and transformation, this female buddy road story is an occasion to showcase local breathtaking landscapes and feature two female acting powerhouses. Adapted as a format, this adventure could feature your country’s scenery, in a time of restricted travel.

A brand new series from the multi-award winning producers of “Happily Married” (C’est comme ça que je t’aime)and “The Invincibles” (Les Invincibles). It’s a never before seen title on the market!

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