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Director: Jean-François Rivard

Producer: Joanne Forgues, Christiane Hamelin

Writer: François Létourneau, Jean-François Rivard

Genres: Comedy, Format

Demographics: 15+

35 x 60 min

Steve, Remy, Peter and Carlos, on the cusp of turning thirty, try to relive their care-free twenties to escape their monotonous lives. These INVINCIBLES are determined to reach for happiness despite all obstacles, even the ones they create themselves.

To start from fresh the four lifelong friends make a pact to break up with their girlfriends together. What follows in the two first seasons is their struggle to balance their desire for freedom and their need for stability. The tables turn in the final season when “their” women decide to take a break from their self-centered partners.

Ultimately, they all come to realize that you can’t put off being an adult forever.

Perfectly adaptable to the Millennial era, the contemporary cast of urban characters and their relatable youthful struggles makes THE INVINCIBLES one of the most original series on French Canadian television for the 18-35 age group, that has already been adopted in France and Germany.

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