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Director: François Jaros

Producer: Joanne Forgues, Sophie Parizeau, Productions Casablanca

Writer: Rafaële Germain

Cast: Guylaine Tremblay, Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, Michaël Gouin

Genres: Comedy, Format

Demographics: 15+

35 x 60 min

Whose mother hasn’t expressed disagreement with a simple one word sentence: “Anyway....”

“Anyway” is an award nominated comedy series featuring the loving, stormy and genuinely funny relationship between a mother, and her two adult children. She joins them in the big city, where they have carefully built their careers for the past 12 years.

Her return will sow emotional chaos in her children’s lives, in this all-too recognizable familial dynamic. This universal relationship is set to make you laugh with recognition, and give some of us hope that it could be worse!

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