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Company overview

ComediHa! is a leading provider of comedy content, tickling the funny bone of live performances, broadcast and streaming audiences around the world.

With close to 20 years of experience, ComediHa! is a flourishing leader in the field of entertainment and cultural events. Through the excellence of its comedy content, ComediHa! thrives in its mission to bring laughter to the world. READ MORE

Programming Profile

ComediHa! offers a barrel of laughs


With cheering programming in high demand these days, comedy content provider ComediHa! is looking to lift spirits around the world, as its playlist on C21 Digital Screenings this week shows.


Those used to pacing up and down the floors of the Palais des Festival in Cannes during MipTV and Mipcom over the years will be familiar with the large video screens that face them as they leave after a busy day.


One of these in recent years has been rented out by Quebec City-based company ComediHa!, which specialises in creating comedic content for the live entertainment, television and online markets.



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Viviane Rheault Distribution Director, Sales & Acquisitions

Alexandre Avon VP Marketing & Business Affairs

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