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Genres: Children’s

Demographics: Preschool

People: Alicyn Packard, Cathal Gaffney, Darragh O’Connell, Diana Manson, Emily Gray, Eryk Casemiro, Gillian Higgins, Ian Falconer, Karen Ialacci, Kate Boutilier, Katie Leigh, Kurt Mueller, Megan Laughton, Michael Van Critters, Patricia Resnick

Shows: Olivia

Companies: Classic Media


DreamWorks Classics
Series 1: 52 x 11 mins or 50 x 11 mins & 1 x 22 min Special; Series 2: 26 x 11 mins and 1 x 22 mins Special

Like other children her age, Olivia’s life is all about her family, friends and school. The events in her day-to-day life are child-size. However, her unique way of using
her imagination to deal with a world that isn’t always the way she wants it to be makes her both
extraordinary and inspiring. Olivia’s close relationships with her Mother, Father, little brother Ian
and baby William are at the heart of the show and her life. Olivia takes her position as the eldest
child in the family seriously.

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