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Genres: Children’s

People: Akiya Henry, Bob Golding, Cathal Gaffney, Darragh O’Connell, David McCamley, Diana Manson, Gillian Higgins, Ian Carney, Jennifer Upton, Karen Ialacci, Keith Wickham, Shelley Longworth, Sophie Alred, Teresa Gallagher

Shows: Noddy in Toyland

Companies: Classic Media

Noddy in Toyland

DreamWorks Classics
52 x 11 mins

Join everyone’s favourite little boy in this much loved series of preschool adventures. Along with Bumpy, Car and friends old and new, Noddy embarks on fun and exciting adventures all over Toyland. Taking on Wobbly mishaps, goblin gizmos and inept pirates, our hero Noddy is ready to save the day with good humour and boundless enthusiasm. Featuring engaging stories, physical comedy and a healthy dose of merrymaking magic.

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