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Genres: Documentary, Entertainment, Format
Shows: Unplanned Trip
Companies: CJ E&M Corporation, Kocca
Unplanned Trip

6 eps x 60 min

One day, 3 best friends are kidnapped to the other side of the world.
Here goes the Three friends’ Two
The producer of “Unplanned Trip” has conspired with the agencies of three musicians to send the celebrities to Peru. The three already know that they are casted in a traveling program but have no idea when they are going, where they are going to, and whom they are going with. Everything is revealed at the first meeting of the program. The three, realising they have to take a 30-hour-flight in 3 hours, are dragged to the airport right away. For 10 days, the 3 have nothing but their clothes, which they wore on the first day, and a small amount of travel expense($70/day) provided by the producer. Their mission is “to reach the final destination, Machu Picchu, in 10 days”. During this unplanned trip, they go through numerous adventures and share the beautiful moments of their life.

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