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Genres: Factual, Format
Shows: The Bunker
Companies: CJ E&M Corporation, Kocca
The Bunker

12 eps x 60 min

It cannot be denied that cars are the most common interest amongst men. The Bunker is the show you want to watch if you are curious about cars and want to learn more about them. In this third instalment of the series, The Bunker comes back with even more information about tuning and upgrading cars, not to mention detailed analysis of this most popular mode of transportation. The new hosts of the show are singer Lee Sang-Min, comedian Kim Jae-Woo, and car racers Kwon Bom-Yi and Yoo Kyung-Wook. They will be divided up into team A and team B to compete against each other. Each week, a car is bought with the intention of upgrading and selling it over the buying price. Through the hosts’ extensive knowledge of cars, both the visual and the capabilities of the cars will be enhanced. The car is then sold through an open auction.

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