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Director: Kim Chul-gyu

Producer: Jang Sin-ae

Executive Producer: Yoo Sang-won

Writer: Yoo Jung-hee

Cast: Lee Jun-ki, Mun Chae-won, Seo Hyun-woo

Genres: Drama

"Hee-sung, has a past marked by crime that can break him into pieces anytime. However, after enduring the harsh life, he meets Ji-won. With her, Hee-sung feels comfort, and finds peace in his life. He hides his real identity to be with her. The two get married and Hee-sung becomes a devoted family man. He will hide his real identity until the end, because if he loses his current life, he believes that he will fall back to a cursed life. Meanwhile, Ji-won believes that her husband is a subtle, steady and friendly. Outside of the house, she is a detective who is capable of solving cases with her keen senses and investigative abilities. When she returns home, she just disarms and becomes a sloppy and ‘husband only’ wife. However, one day crucial clues points Hee-sung as a suspect, and she begins to dig through his past. She questions herself, “what if my husband’s identity I knew were all fake? How is the bizarre and the horrible crime that is happening now is linked to my husband?""
""And yet what if I still love him?"

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