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Director: Choi Jung-nam

Cast: Seo Jae-won, Jung Yeon-soo, Lee Su-jeong

Genres: Entertainment

A hybrid dating show where 10 dancers of various genres look for someone they can connect with in both dancing and in something more. For 30 days, they live together hopping find that special connection. Dancers choose a dance partner, twice.

First, the girl chooses a partner by sending a song they' will dance to, and the male dancers do so for the second dance. The matched pairs create their own choreography, practice and spend time together to see if there is something between them. The two different genres are merged to create a unique dances as their interaction deepens, and their exquisite performances are filmed and screened.

After the two dances, the male dancers prepare a solo performance for the one who has captured their heart. The female dancer decides whose hand she will take.

Falling in Dance, where the smallest move can spark something more.

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