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Director: Kwon Sung-wook

Cast: Kang Ho-dong, Heo Cham, Kim Hyung-suk

Genres: Entertainment

Don’t just scream behind the stage rails. If you’re a fan, perform with your favorite artist! In this collaborative performance battle, top artists team up with 300 of their most passionate fans. Each artist performs with as many as 300 fans, who sing, groove and chant along in a performance of electrifying harmony, scale and theatrics to beat the opposing artist’s team.

Over just a few weeks, the fans must perfect the song, dance moves, outfit and props only by referring to the artist’s guideline video. When they meet for the first time at the performance arena, the artist and fans have only one shot to show what they’ve created together. No rehearsal. No do-overs. The winner is chosen based on not only the panel’s scores, but also the number of participating fans. Will all 300 fans in the team show up for their artist? Which artist will be able to gift their fans with a huge cash prize and an unforgettable experience? A superstar with 300 super fans, united as one.

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