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Producer: BriteSpark Films

Executive Producer: Tom Porter

Genres: Factual

Demographics: 15+, All audiences

World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys

Cineflix Rights
26 x 60 min (2 seasons) + 3 x 60 min specials

Rolling past snow-capped peaks, fairy-tale castles, and breathtaking natural wonders, The World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys is an unforgettable ride through some of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth. From New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and the sweeping Scottish Highlands, to a Mexican odyssey, an Arctic expedition, and a luxurious African safari, it’s a breathtaking adventure. Along the way, meet the engineers who keep these trains running and the many characters who work, travel, and live along these exotic and far-flung routes. And while an airplane is certainly the quickest route to any destination, nothing compares to an epic train expedition where it’s always the journey that counts.

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