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Producer: Les Stroud Productions

Genres: Documentary, Factual

26 x 30 min

On Wild Harvest, join renowned survivalist Les Stroud and celebrated chef Paul Rogalski on a gourmet foraging expedition through the spectacular wilds of North America. Trekking through rugged remote landscapes—and places closer to home than you might imagine—it’s up to Les to harvest whatever edible plants and animals he can find. Then it’s up to Paul to transform these unusual ingredients into a tantalizing feast.

Tapping into the local food phenomenon, it’s a spectacular off-road adventure with a mouth-watering culinary challenge. And—from mussels, milkweed, and miner’s lettuce, to currants, sweet clover, and cattails—Les and Paul serve up plenty of tips, tricks, and recipes to find and prepare food in the wild, and to make the most of the natural bounty waiting right outside your door.