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Producer: Finestripe Productions

Genres: Documentary

1 x 60

April 29, 2011—Westminster Abbey. Revealing the inside story of a star-studded event that captivated the globe, The Day Will and Kate Got Married celebrates one of the world’s most talked-about couples and the ten-year anniversary of their epic wedding.

Featuring exclusive interviews with family members including Kate’s uncle Gary Goldsmith, close friends, and the creatives who made it happen— the royal dressmaker Daniella Helayel, cakemaker Fiona Cairns, Royal Protection Officer Graham Craker, photographer Hugo Burnand, and more—this intimate documentary allows viewers to relive all the ritual and pageantry when all eyes were on Westminster Abbey.

As the first royal wedding of the social media age, and the first union between a royal and a commoner in more than 300 years, Will and Kate’s big day ushered in a new era for the monarchy as their fairytale romance brought together the country, and the world.

Billed as the ‘people’s ceremony’, it was the ultimate showcase for the distinguished House of Windsor. From the couple’s storybook courtship to the army of craftspeople who lavished over every detail, The Day Will and Kate Got Married is a definitive look at this incredible Royal event.