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Producer: Yoav Gross Productions

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 15+, All audiences


Cineflix Rights
10 x 45 min

Internal Affairs investigator, Izzy Bachar, is in the final stretch of his career when he’s sent to interview a young police officer turned hitman, who has just killed a key state witness in cold blood. He is shocked when the assassin offers information about a high-ranking police officer operating a vast criminal network within the force and points the finger at Barak Harel, a highly respected cop who happens to be Izzy’s best friend and former partner. Izzy is incredulous. That is, until he learns Barak is already under investigation.

Hoping to clear his buddy’s name, Izzy joins the task force. But when he uncovers proof of Barak’s double identity, a ruthless game of cat-and-mouse ensues. On one side, Izzy, an idealist, who fights against all odds to maintain justice, despite the personal cost to himself. On the other side, Barak and his gang of dirty cops, who will stop at nothing – including murder – to destroy the IA case and cover their tracks.

Featuring strong, distinct characters and a riveting multi-layered plot, Manayek is a sophisticated Israeli crime thriller that reveals a dark underworld seething beneath the veneer of law enforcement.

Directed by Alon Zingman (Shtisel), and written and created by Roy Iddan (Kfula), the gritty primetime drama stars Shalom Assayag (Kfula) as Izzy, alongside Amos Tamam (The Spy), and Liraz Chamami (Mossad 101).

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