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Director: James Strong, David Blair

Producer: Buccaneer Media, Off Grid Film & TV

Writer: Irvine Welsh, Dean Cavanagh

Cast: Dougray Scott

Genres: Drama

12 x 60 min (2 seasons)

For the first time ever, the great Irvine Welsh—the colossus of Scottish—turns his attention to a television drama series with a story adapted from his best-selling novel. As with his masterpiece Trainspotting, the streets of Edinburgh are the setting for Irvine Welsh’s Crime—the story of a tormented detective in a city on the edge of the abyss.

A girl goes missing. A town is in fear. A police department fights with itself. A hero is lost, tortured by his own demons. And all the while—watching, waiting—a brutal killer is poised to strike.

Prepare to enter this dangerous world and the troubled mind of Detective Inspector Ray Lennox (Dougray Scott)—a man engaged in his own disturbing battle, all while undertaking serious crime investigations in the glaring light of the public arena.