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Producer: ITN Productions

Genres: Factual

4 x 60 min

Narrated by multi-award-winning actor Hugh Bonneville Inside the Forest: Seasons of Wonder is a spectacular tribute to Kielder Forest—England’s largest woodland—as it changes with the seasons. From a carpet of bluebells in spring to glorious falling leaves in autumn, it’s an ode to the sweeping landscape, rare wildlife, and fascinating characters who live and work here. Every episode charts the course of a different season, and brings us face to face with cheeky otters, roe deer, and migrating osprey. And as we explore Kielder’s ancient settlements, legends, and hunting heritage, time-lapse footage unveils the lyrical beauty of its constant transformation.

Featured Stories:
1. The squirrels prepare their food stores and the osprey search for warmer climates in the autumn.
2. The Kielder forest’s bodies of water freeze over in the winter, while the timber industry experiences a boon.
3. The ospreys return in the spring, while hibernating animals wake from the long sleep.
4. The Kielder forest’s famous orchids come into full bloom in the summer.