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Producer: Cream Productions

Genres: Factual

14 x 30 min

From car crashes and crane collapses, to explosions, freak accidents, and extreme stunts gone awry, I Got Lucky chronicles the most spectacular close calls and seeks to explain how these survivors managed to walk away. Was it science? Luck? Or a bit of both?

A snowmobiler is buried by an avalanche in the Canadian Rockies. A motorcyclist plunges down a 250-foot California ravine. An amateur skydiver is knocked unconscious before releasing his parachute. Featuring near-death footage from dashcams, CCTV, and mobile phones, every episode showcases two riveting survival stories—complete with the first-hand accounts of those who lived to tell the tale—along with an eclectic cast of experts who dissect what went wrong and what went right. It’s an entertaining, death-defying deep dive into the science of how they got out alive.


• A skydiving instructor survives a collision with an airplane at 12,000 feet.
• A hiker on Hawaii’s Ka’ua Crater Trail falls fifty feet through a waterfall.
• A skateboarder travelling at 75 miles per hour has a bone-crushing encounter with a rock wall.