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Director: Oyunchimeg Khongorzul

Executive Producer: Ryota Yokoo

Writer: Katsumi Yasukawa

Cast: Masao Tomohiro, Oyunchimeg Khongorzul

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: All audiences

1 x aprox.60 minutes

A Mongolian reporter knew about “Detainment in Mongolia” when she started to work in Japan as a reporter in 2011. She read an article that the people who built National University of Mongolia, her alma mater, were Japanese detainees. Comparing to “Detainment in Siberia”, few people know about “Detainment in Mongolia”.

To know “Detainment in Mongolia”, she covered a meeting which Japanese detainees gather once a year. At the meeting, she met a Japanese detainee who lost his both legs during detention. His name is Mr. Tomohiro (94).

In 2019, Mr. Tomohiro decided to visit Mongolia as a last journey of memorial and the reporter also accompanied his journey. Through the interview with Mr. Tomohiro and Mongolian who know the detention, the valuable historical materials, it made it possible to reveal the reality of detainment in Mongolia.

Why did they detain the Japanese? What do they think that approximately 2000 people died due to the hard labor? Who is the assailant and who is the victim? Who has the responsibility for that? Through the documentary program, we would like you to know and think of what happen at the time.