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Director: Jungkwon Kim

Producer: Channel A

Executive Producer: Jongeun Park

Writer: Jieun Kim

Cast: Yuri Lee, Junghoon Yeon, Ilhwa Lee,Hodong Kang, Sugeun Lee

Genres: Drama, Format, Telenovela

Demographics: 15+


‘Eun-soo’, a woman convicted for her husband’s murder, had to watch her mother-in-law take her daughter away while she served time in prison. She tries to compromise with the situation, but after her release, she is devastated by the news that her daughter is dead.

However, Eun-soo dramatically finds out that her daughter is not only alive, but was adopted into a new family, and is currently living with a single dad Ji-min. To win her place back as a ‘mother’, she attempts to marry Ji-min.
Who would have known, the fake love she she started out with a purpose turned out to be genuine.

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