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Director: Louise Archambault, Chloé Robichaud

Producer: Sphère Média

Writer: Marie-Andrée Labbé

Cast: Virginie Fortin, Evelyne Brochu, Alice Pascual, Éric Bruneau, Pierre-Yves Cardinal, Mehdi Bousaidan, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Louise Portal

Genres: Comedy, Format

Too Much

CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution
Season 1: 13 x 30 | Season 2: 13 x 30 | Season 3: 13 x 30

TOO MUCH offers us a close-up look at the lives of a group of friends: Isabelle, Manuela, Marc-Antoine, Romain, and Samir, all in their early thirties. They’re flighty, ambitious, and a little bit selfish. They are trying to get ahead in life while preserving their mental health, despite the obstacles that today’s world throws at them. Their routines are thrown off when Isabelle’s sister Anaïs comes to live with her in Montreal. Isabelle has every reason to be glad about her sister’s arrival, but she soon discovers that Anaïs has bipolar disorder, which destabilizes her daily existence and has unpredictable effects on her already flamboyant personality. The characters must confront their psychological frailties, even as the pressures of “normal” life compels them to keep moving forward. TOO MUCH is a realistic dramatic comedy that celebrates friendship, sisterly love, and the foibles of human nature.

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