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Director: Viveka Melki

Executive Producer: Viveka Melki, Adam Pajot Gendron

Writer: Viveka Melki

Genres: Documentary

The Fence

CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution
1 x 52 | 1 x 78

The same day the Japanese army bombed Pearl Harbor they also occupied Hong Kong. 2000 Canadian soldiers defending Hong Kong endured one of the longest and most brutal POW interments of WWII, marked by oppression, cruelty and constant hunger. THE FENCE features two tales, one from inside the Sham Shui PO prison camp from two surviving veterans, George MacDonell and George Peterson, and the other from Luba Estes, the daughter of a POW who witnessed her father’s internment from outside the prison’s fence. Luba, who was ten at the time, and her mother were also prisoners of another sort, struggling to find food and shelter in occupied and starving Hong Kong.

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