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Director: Renuka Jeyapalan

Producer: Iva Golubovic

Executive Producer: Matt Power, Supinder Wraich, Rey Mendoza, Mauricio Ruiz, Adam Rodness, Stu Stone

Writer: Supinder Wraich

Cast: Supinder Wraich, Balinder Johal, Cas Anvar, Jade Hassoune, Sahib Rana, Hamza Haq, Serena Parmar, Joris Jarsky, Mark Sparks, Craig Burnatowski, Gugun Deep Singh, Michael Gordin Shore, Vicki Kim

Genres: Drama

People: Adam Rodness, Balinder Johal, Cas Anvar, Craig Burnatowski, Gugun Deep Singh, Hamza Haq, Iva Golubovic, Jade Hassoune, Joris Jarsky, Mark Sparks, Matt Power, Mauricio Ruiz, Michael Gordin Shore, Renuka Jeyapalan, Rey Mendoza, Sahib Rana, Serena Parmar, Stu Stone, Supinder Wraich, Vicki Kim

The 410

CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution
3 x 25

Broke, wanna-be Influencer, Suri Deol must bail her truck driver father out of jail after he’s arrested for smuggling narcotics or move back to Brampton to her own personal prison: her family home.

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